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Time has never been the same since Ice-Watch's arrival on the watch market in 2007. A watch whose colorful, fashion-oriented and accessible concept would lead to an international, intergenerational and cross-cultural brand that is doing well. Since then it has kept popping up, changing and inventing new collections, in complete transparency. This value is expressed by its name: ICE.

Her bold twist - turning a watch into a fashion yet chic accessory - may have melted like ice in the sun. On the contrary, it has become one of the most interesting hits on the planet. At a time when every minute counts, the Ice-Watch brand has secured its world dominance by going out and getting the skills wherever they are. It was about finding the right rhythm. Her limitless creativity is supported by talented designers based in Belgium and reliable Belgian services, quality of Japanese movements (Miyota), Chinese expertise in manufacturing and assembly, and Hong Kong organization for logistics and distribution.

It is said that a tree can be judged by its roots: they remain firmly planted in Belgium thanks to the efforts of the founder and CEO of the Ice-Watch brand, Jean-Pierre Lutgen. Marketing, communication, legal aspects and web campaigns are shared between Brussels and Bastogne, where the local presence was strengthened in 2014 with the construction of a 6,000 m2 European storage center. From gear to gear, from solid teams to dynamic partners, from superb designers to committed distributors, the Ice-Watch brand has given itself the means to steadily grow its presence on an international scale. 

As flexibility and responsiveness are encouraged at every level, it's easy to see how a simple idea can be transformed into a fashion accessory worn around the world. Multiple styles: minimalist, sporty, urban, colorful, glamorous, romantic. Multiple materials: Ice-Ramic, silicone, metal, leather. Multiple audiences: men, women, children and teens. Multiple wishes: 8 to 10 new collections per year, equipped with a screwed back, making them waterproof up to 10 ATM. Collectible and more targeted models are released thanks to prestigious partnerships and co-branding agreements (BMW Motorsport, Pantone Universe, Vendée Globe Race).

The wide range of Ice-Watch watches can adapt to the lifestyle and activities of the wearer. It is more than a marketing strategy, it is the commitment of a brand that is a legitimate leader in its industry. The Ice-Watch brand enjoys high visibility, on the wrist, in its "BeCubic" presentation box, on social media (4.5 million Facebook fans) or through the vast network of flagship stores, ice cream parlors, kiosks and sales outlets. The Ice-Watch collections have generated several product placements on the international music scene: Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, David Guetta, etc.

Their liveliness attracted great sportsmen who acted as ambassadors: cycling world champion Philippe Gilbert, swimmer Florent Manadou and DTM championship driver Marco Wittmann at the wheel of his BMW M4 Ice-Watch. The Ice-Watch brand can now boast incredible viewer ratings thanks to the famous girl of the time: Tatiana Silva, a beautiful Belgian who now presents the time on TF1, France's channel 1. The worldwide Belgian brand has thus become an enduring household name and will continue to do what it does best: shake up the watch market with affordable prices (starting at € 59) and unchanging energy, innovation and a willingness to boldly go where no other watch does. brand has passed before ...

ICE Watch
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