MARIO, co-founder.

Thanks to the docile and kind as well as professional character, the most loyal customers often expressly request his presence during the sale, even if only for an opinion or advice, for his knowledge of the production and selection phases of the jewels.

MASSIMILIANO, co-founder.

He mainly deals with the organizational-administrative part of the company, although he will often take care of personally following your purchases. If you are looking for dispassionate and impartial advice, he is the right person, given his frankness and sincerity. 

SABRINA, co-founder.

The soul of Gioielli Valenza. Once inside the store, the jewels and the atmosphere will accompany your experience in a whirlwind of emotions and sensations. It will fully represent every facet of your trip.

GIOIA, co-founder.

A name, a guarantee. Equipped with an extraordinary sensitivity, she is able to come into perfect contact with the customer, of whom she will fully understand the joys, pains, desires and values. Seeing is believing!

LAURA, Pandora manager.

Always available and kind, she will be the first to welcome you to the store. Relying on her to make your most important occasions special will never be a mistake. The thousand colors of the Pandora collections perfectly reflect its lively, bright and at the same time respectful soul towards every type of need.

GIADA, saleswoman.

It is the latest purchase of the team, but do not be fooled, because thanks to his kind and nice character, he will take care of your journey in search of the perfect jewel with precision and respect. 

THOMAS, e-commerce manager.

Your first point of contact online. It deals with the management of social and e-commerce profiles. Due to his somewhat shy and shy character, he will seem embarrassed in front of customers, but when it comes to online sales, no one knows as much as he does .. and how to contradict him!