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TUUM born from the desire to make spirituality tangible, imprinting the words of a prayer on a jewel, to create jewels that have a timeless value. The real intuition was to borrow a universally shareable text, translate it and interpret it in a design key.

The intuition comes from two young entrepreneurs who, in July of 2009, decide to imprint on a jewel words borrowed from the Christian world, thus making spirituality tangible.

TUUM takes its origin from the possessive pronoun che in Latin it means "your".

A word made up of a few letters, but the bearer of a powerful, absolute and indelible message, a message with a global reach, but at the same time simple, like a poem that you learn as a child, is preserved and handed down:
"Pater Noster qui es in coelis sanctificétur nomen Tuum ..."

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