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The goldsmith tradition of the Giannotti family, now in its third generation, dates back to the 1950s when Amedeo Giannotti began his business in a small artisan workshop in via S. Biagio dei Librai, in the historic center of Naples. Then his son Roberto will expand the business and infuse it with new lifeblood. With the support of his wife Lucia, who is dedicated to the shop, Roberto Giannotti meets suppliers and retailers throughout the country, spreading and consolidating the brand. Following the entrepreneurial path of the Giannotti family, Vincenzo, son of the master goldsmith Roberto, embarks on new paths by developing and creating new and original lines.

Masterful art jewels, destined for important national and international jewelers, in 2001 the Angeli collection was born. Inspired by the need that each of us has in the search for our own "Guardian Angel", these splendid jewels have given rise to a real "Angels Philosophy".

Spearhead of the Giannotti production, the Angeli collection represents a special gift, for all occasions and anniversaries. The packaging is also special. Each jewel is accompanied by a personalized case and shopper, containing the special book of the 72 Guardian Angels.

In 2006, the experience of the Angeli collection gave rise to another great success of the brand: the exclusive "Chiama Angeli" collection. These sweet sounding jewels give unique emotions and evoke thoughts of love.


Roberto Giannotti's story starts from afar, and draws from his past with devotion, but at the same time the brand projects itself into the future with confidence and determination.

The Manufacture of Roberto Giannotti creations represents the perfect fusion of classic craftsmanship and modern technology. Each creation is carefully studied and conceived and flows into the product only when it fully satisfies all the criteria of quality, originality and absolute elegance. Roberto Giannotti jewels are strictly Made in Italy, as the beauty of the design and the quality of the materials used amply reveals.


Roberto Giannotti designs, develops and creates precious dreams, jewels with an added value: an emotion, a love story, an affectionate bond between mothers and children, emotions linked to the great events of life. Objects by master goldsmiths who offer an experience, a moment to live and not to forget. The exclusive identity of Roberto Giannotti stands out in the goldsmith scene for its originality and attention to detail.

A unique style that is expressed through the Angeli collection, inspired by the Guardian Angels, evokes sweet and suggestive emotions. Maximum expressions of Roberto Giannotti, the beauty, the design and the feelings that these precious items arouse come together in a sublime and natural way.

The elegance of the product is also evident from the careful care in the packaging that encloses a world and not a simple jewel. The same care and involvement can be recognized by participating in the unique and special event designed by Roberto Giannotti to spread the "Angels Philosophy": Angels Day. The event aimed at all fans of the brand's collections is organized at exclusive retailers and recreates a suggestive atmosphere to get to know your Guardian Angel.

Roberto Gianotti
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